Development of Digital Marketing strategies aligned with the objectives of the company

SEO and SEM strategy and implementation

Social Media Marketing

Design and production of effective media to communicate better and sell more

Corporate and product audiovisual productions

Optimization of customer acquisition processes

Do the legal texts of your website comply with the RGPD?


Customized solutions to your communication and sales needs


Some examples…

XT29 Client: Company from Barcelona. Sector: B2C.

Jose Expósito is a world benchmark in fitness, with more than 30 years of experience he has innovated and developed an effective training method for both models and grandparents.

The challenge of this project was to maintain the essence of the XT29 DNA throughout the digital transformation process. From the design of the website to the monetization and dealing with the user. A successful project thanks to a successful method and an exceptional TEAM XT29.

Thanks Jose, Jessica and Dani!

Competitor analysis and functionalities approach

Web design and programming

Scripting and video production for the launch campaign

Configuration and management of the launch campaign on Facebook and Instagram

Design and programming of a personalized dashboard for real-time monitoring of the KPI's defined together with the client

Support in the management of the client's user community

Design of a product and service dossier

Design of a product and service dossier Preparation of explanatory video tutorials of the strategy, functionalities, operation of the web ...


P13Fit Client: Company from Cádiz.
Sector: B2C.

Jose Manuel Pinto. Well-known ex-footballer and music producer. A combination that has made possible the development of his p13fit training method, a fitness method based on jumping rope, that literally hooks you.

In this digital transformation project, we adapted the monetization method so that it was more consistent with the brand’s DNA.

We also develop and integrate on the web an e-training platform for future instructors

Thank you very much Pinto!

Redesign of the entire p13fit class management architecture and integration with Zoom. Redesign of the entire monetization system of p13fit.

Adhoc design of the p13fit training platform for instructors and integration with the p13fit website.

Preparation of explanatory video tutorials on the operation of the website and the training platform

Miguel Manzo

Client Miguel Manzo Vocal Studio: Company from Barcelona Sector: B2C.

Miguel Manzo. Known as the Wizard of the Voice. The first Vocal Coach of Operation Triumph. Linked to La Academia, La Voz, Eurovisión, among others. With his own method that literally works miracles.

In this project, we developed the SEM strategy for capturing at a time of confinement that is not easy. We manage to increase brand awareness and conversion. Thanks to a good strategy and the scripting of more than 4 descriptive videos of the real benefits provided by the Miguel Manzo method.

Thank you very much Miguel for trusting TressolDigital!

Design and implementation of the SEM strategy

Identification of the key benefits offered by the client and scripting them for the audiovisual production of campaign videos

Development of a web analytics Dashboard to follow in real time the KPI's defined together with the client

Preparation of campaign monitoring reports


Cliente blabloo: Empresa de Suiza.
Sector: B2C

The first Smartphone for children, a project in which we develop the design of the entire graphic line, the packaging, the website, a central audiovisual production as a piece to explain the product and more than 10 explanatory videos of the different functionalities that You can develop this magnificent Smartphone.

If you have children, you need one.

Thank you Ismael for trusting Tressol!

Ideation of the graphic line of the brand together with the client

Web design and programming

Design of Wallpapers for the smartphone

Photography service for the KickOff

Smartphone plastic screen design

User guide design

Design of posters for events

Audiovisual production of 11 descriptive product videos in 4 languages


PCL Client: Sant Adríà Painting Company.
Sector: B2B.

One of the keys to the PCL project was to elucidate the recruitment process based on the type of client, create and adjust the communication tools necessary for each of the phases and thus accelerate recruitment.

In this case we use the minimum on-line tools to put them at the service of a face-to-face experience around the essential values of the brand.

But after a while and as a symptom of the project’s development, we diversified the product portfolio and created a new line of business …

Scaffolding rentals … a great success … we made the web and product explanatory videos.

Thanks Alejandro!

Ideation and implementation of the communication strategy

Design and programming of the website

Scripting, production and editing of product descriptive videos

Definition of the campaign strategy

SEO and SEM monitoring

Clinicas Verdi

Clinicas Verdi Client: Company from Barcelona
Sector: B2C.

Una de las Clínicas dentales pioneras en innovación tecnológica de Barcelona. Un proyecto muy amplio en el que colaboramos en el lanzamiento de la Clínica ideando e implementado una estrategia de comunicación que contempló el diseño y vinilado exterior de la clínica y el diseño y producción del interior de la Clínica.

Diseño y producción grafica para revistas y redes sociales. Guionización de cuñas de radio. Elaboración de vídeos de campaña para Facebook e Instragram.

Dosieres coporativos y mucho más.

¡Gracias Manuel!

Definition of the communication and implementation strategy

Exterior design of the Clinic

Exterior vinyl of the Clinic

Interior design of the Clinic and production

Design of editorials and campaign graphics for magazines

Design of campaign graphics for social networks

Production of campaign videos

Design and layout of corporate dossiers


FANOC Client: Associació de Famílies Nombroses de Catalunya. Barcelona.
Sector: 3rd Sector. B2C.

One of the keys to the success of diffusion and notoriety of the brand was the success both in the communication strategy and media planning and in the execution of the campaign creatives. We made the website. We negotiated the media campaign with the brackets. We produced 3 spots of 20 “and 10” in two languages, radio spots … etc.

The result was an increase of 140% of users to the web and 40% the monthly recruitment of members.

Communication strategy, strategic media planning, negotiation with TV, Radio, Print, On-line, audiovisual production, radio spots and campaign graphics for online media


- Connectivity: Consulting in customer acquisition, team supervision and audiovisual production.
- Pertio Médico Dr Bertrán: SEO and SEM strategy and implementation.

- Health Coach Dr. Bertrán: SEO and SEM Strategy and Implementation.

- The Clinic: Communication and Naming Strategy.

- Bailen Law Firm: Communication strategy and web design and programming.


Alejandro Esteban

PCL Manager

Alejandro Esteban

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Raúl Sanchez

General Director of FANOC

Raúl Sanchez

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Ismael Benotmane

International Business Developer Blabloo
Tressol was the project manager for the production of 10 presentation videos and for the website of our project Blabloo, the first Smartphone for children. We were delighted to collaborate with Tressol on these projects. Edu and his team were always very available, flexible, fast, reliable and provided a phenomenal job. We warmly recommend Tressol for any company wishing to develop its digital communication tools.