Development of Digital Marketing strategies aligned with the objectives of the company

Design and production of effective media to communicate better and sell more

Optimization of customer acquisition processes

SEO and SEM strategy and implementation

Corporate and product audiovisual productions


Customized solutions to your communication and sales needs


We offer personalized communication solutions thanks to the union of analytical, strategic and technical thinking with creative thinking aimed at solving complex communication problems.

Through consulting we devise and implement Digital Marketing strategies for small and medium-sized companies with the aim of strengthening the differential value offered by their brands and increasing their sales.

  1. Current situation and key aspects.
  2. Mission, vision and values.
  3. Last year learnings.
  4. Analysis of external market factors.
  5. Market overview.
  6. Target markets and current audiences.
  7. Control points with the client.
  8. Competition.
  9. Analysis of internal factors.
  10. Business model canvas / SWOT.
  11. Short, medium and long term objectives.
  12. Marketing Mix: definition of resources and budget.
  13. Control & evaluation.
  1. Corporate web.
  2. E-comerce.
  3. E-training platforms.
  4. Applications.
  5. Adequacy of Social Networks.
  6. Design of the corporate image of the brand.
  7. Video scripting.
  8. Corporate videos.
  9. Descriptive videos of products and services.
  10. Videos for online campaigns.
  11. TV spots.
  12. Campaign graphics.
  13. Radio spots.

Optimization of customer acquisition processes


1. Technical SEO:

Validation of the programming of the web page so that it complies with the technical SEO standards necessary to properly position the web in Google in the long term.

2. Strategic SEO:

  1. Definition of objectives.
  2. Definition of the competition and analysis.
  3. Definition of company keywords to include both in the content of the web and in the publications made on social networks and on the blog.
  4. Integration of keywords into existing web content.



1. Ideation and configuration of campaigns:

1. Assessment and analysis of keywords already used.
2. Recommendation of adjustments in the keywords to use.
3. Analysis to recommend the budget investment of the campaign.
4. Assessment of ad texts and recommendations.
5. Configuration of the campaign so that it meets the minimum requirements that guarantee a good positioning of the campaign as a starting point.

2. Monitoring and optimization:

1. Periodic monitoring.
2. Identification of opportunities for improvement.
3. Reconfiguration based on evolution and results.
4. Resolution of incidents.
5. Preparation of reports for the client.

  1. Corporate videos.
  2. Descriptive videos of products and services.
  3. Videos for online campaigns.
  4. TV spots.
  5. Microdocumentaries.

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