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With more than 15 years of experience in the advertising and communication sector, we offer personalized Digital Marketing solutions. Through consulting, we devise and implement strategies for small and medium-sized companies with the aim of strengthening the differential value offered by their brands and increasing the sales of their products and services.

In order to build the best possible solution together with the client, we set up customized teams that consist of a senior Project Manager consultant for the project, plus consultants and partners specialized in the key areas that the project requires.

The services we offer are the following:


We help you get the Digital Kit offered by the state and digitize yourself through solvent and trustworthy digitizing agents.

Digital Kit: what is it and who is it for:

The Digital Kit is an initiative of the Government of Spain, which aims to subsidize the implementation of digital solutions available on the market to achieve a significant advance in the level of digital maturity.

Who is it for?

The digital solutions provided by the Digital Kit are aimed at the needs of small businesses, micro-businesses and self-employed workers, belonging to any sector or type of business and that have been in business for two years.

What does it offer?

Non-refundable grant of between €2,000 and €12,000 depending on your type of company and the solution you need.

Conditions to request the bonus:

  • Being a small company, a micro company or self-employed.
  • Not be considered a company in crisis.
  • Be up to date with payments of tax obligations and against Social Security.
  • Not incurring in any of the prohibitions provided for in the General Subsidies Law.
  • Be registered in the Census of entrepreneurs, professionals and withholders of the State Tax Administration Agency or in the equivalent census of the Foral Tax Administration.
  • Not be subject to a pending recovery order following a prior decision by the European Commission.
  • Do not exceed the minimum grant limit of (€200,000).
  • Have the evaluation of the Digital Maturity Level according to the diagnostic test on the Acelera pyme platform.

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  1. Current situation and key aspects.
  2. Mission, vision and values.
  3. Last year learnings.
  4. Analysis of external market factors.
  5. Market overview.
  6. Target markets and current audiences.
  7. Control points with the client.
  8. Competition.
  9. Analysis of internal factors.
  10. Business model canvas / SWOT.
  11. Short, medium and long term objectives.
  12. Marketing Mix: definition of resources and budget.
  13. Control & evaluation.

Growth Hacking Strategy:

  1. Have a good product or/and service demanded.
  2. Define your buyer person.
  3. Define what you want to measure and with what tools.
  4. Definition of objectives.
  5. Implement the Growth Hacking method:
    1. Ideate.
    2. Classify.
    3. Test.
    4. Analyze.
    5. Optimize.


  1. SEO On Page:


Validation that all the internal aspects of the web page are properly configured and, failing that, reconfigure them:

  • Website analysis.
  • Creation and update of metatags.
  • Creation and updating of site maps.
  • Robot files.
  • GA installation.
  • Alt tags and titles on images.
  • Website speed optimization.
  • Optimization of header tags.
  • Keyword research and analysis.
  • Optimization of internal links.
  • SEO friendly URL structure.
  • Content optimization.
  • Data structuring.
  • Mobile device compatibility.
  • Security protocols.

2.SEO Of Page:

  • Definition of objectives.
  • Definition of competition and analysis.
  • Definition of the company’s keywords to include both in the content of the web and in the publications made on social networks and on the blog.
  • Registration in directories.
  • Link building strategy.
  • Writing quality content by qualified professionals.
  • Ideation and development of a publication plan.


  1. Definition of the strategy:
    1. Definition of the objectives.
    2. Lessons learned from other campaigns.
    3. Analysis of the competition.
    4. Assessment and selection of supports.
    5. Action and investment plan.
  1. Ideation and configuration of campaigns:


  1. Assessment and analysis of the keywords already used.
  2. Recommendation of adjustments in the keywords to use.
  3. Evaluation of the ad texts and recommendations.
  4. Creative design.
  5. Configuration of the campaign so that it meets the minimum requirements that guarantee a good positioning of the campaign as a starting point.


  1. Monitoring and optimization:


  1. Periodic monitoring.
  2. Identification of improvement opportunities.
  3. Reconfiguration based on evolution and results.
  4. Resolution of incidents.
  5. Preparation of reports for the client.

1. Analysis.
2. Planning of objectives and KPI’S.
3. Start-up and implementation.
4. Measurement of results.

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  1. Design of the corporate image of the brand.
  2. Corporate Website.
  3. E-commerce.
  4. E-training platforms.
  5. Adequacy of the image in Social Networks.
  6. Design of campaigns.
  7. Graphic design for off and on-line.
  8. Script writing and production of radio spots.
  9. Lettering, posters and vinyl.
  1. Corporate videos.
  2. Descriptive videos of products and services.
  3. Videos for online campaigns.
  4. TV spots.
  5. Microdocumentaries.

From the script to the final production.

  1. Identification and prioritization of the arguments that sell the most.
  2. Design and production of effective supports.
  3. Evaluation and definition of effective recruitment processes.

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